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The Certified Society of Commerce is an amalgamation of various Educational Establishments and Established Management Consultancies who have all been actively involved in the practice of Business Education Consulting in an international environment.

The CSC was established as an international recognized authoritative body to promote the aims of the business sector and to provide practical business solutions to those already involved in business or contemplating a business career and intending to study in order to enhance career prospects.

How To Obtain Application Form

Form is obtainable at The Society Office (Flamming Plaza, AIT Road, Killington Bus Stop, Alagbado, Lagos, Nigeria) or Email or can be downloaded below with a non refundable fee of N5000 only. All application forms should be submitted with copies of credentials.

All payments should be made by bank draft or certified bank cheque in favour of The Certified Society of Commerce or direct payment into the (Society Account No: 1770838630 Skye Bank Nig. Plc).

Teller No must be submitted to the Society office for administrative purposes. For further information, please contact: 08074407143

Download Membership Application Form

Qualification For Membership

  • International Life and Global Fellowship (ILGF)
  • Executive Doctorate Fellowship In Commerce (DEFS)
  • Corporate Organization Membership (DSFS)
  • Statutory Distinguished Fellowship
  • Parliamentary Graduate Membership (PGMS)
  • Electory Associate Membership (EAMS)
  • Examination Preparatory Student Membership (PESM)
  • Heart of Gold (World Class Executive)
  • Distinguished Leadership In Commerce (DLS)
  • International Life Fellowship (ILF)
  • Certificate of Membership

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The old system of professional Education is no longer tenable, especially when it is considered that the nature of the curriculum, instructional strategies and assessment procedures employed in an education system and industries are greatly influenced by the ideology of a Nation. A nation in transition like Nigeria, whose ideology is that of changing the society for the better, providing equal access to knowledge and building an egalitarian society, usually emphasizes socially relevant curriculum, stressing vocational, professional, scientific and technological aspects and emphasizing mastery of learning.

Such competency-based instructional strategy requires criterion-referenced tests. This is because criterion reference tests are most useful for measuring the mastery of minimum essential in an instruction programme.


Last update on April 15, 2016

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The Certified Society of Commerce achieves it objectives by providing a scheme of Business Education in Global Management and Industry, incorporating various stages/levels of Qualifications, Certifications and Examinations, namely:

Commercial Single Subjects

The Certified Society of Commerce offers Commercial Single Subjects for aspiring students and members. Single Subjects Commercial Examinations is ‘O’ and ‘A’ level equivalent.
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Advanced Diploma Specialization

The Advanced Diploma Specialization in Commerce provides successful students with a range of both general and specialized management skills necessary for effective management.
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Students Commercial Examination

Examinations for students in Commercial subjects can be arranged at approved centres for our Students Commercial Examination. Certificates being awarded on the results of the Examinations.
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Qualifying Examination

The Council of the Society has given approval to the new Qualifying Examination (QE) in Nigeria which is designed to test educational standards for Business Administration & others.
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Diploma Examinations

The Council of the Society has scheduled the Society’s examinations to hold every April and November. The Diploma professional examinations will be conducted in the following courses:
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The Group Certificate

The Group Certificate for Advanced/Post Graduate Diploma aims to provide successful candidates with a broad basis of knowledge of the business science and used in running business organizations.
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