The administration of the Institute is governed by its enabling Act 25 of 2003 constitution which provides for a governing council, the Secretariat and committees appointed by the Council to implement specific functions or to carry out ad hoc assignments as the case may be.

The Council

The council is the apex organ of the Society. The council directs the affairs of the members and formulates its policies. The council functions through the secretariat and committees

The Board of Fellows

The board of fellows consists of all the follows members of the Society who relying on their wealth of experience and knowledge, serve as an advisory body to the Council.

The Secretariat of the Society

The duties, includes, coordinating defined functions, collecting, examining, analysing, diagnosing the materials use for regular education, formulating, execution and review of Society policies, Advising on policy matters relating to US and UK Education adopting by West African countries, Assisting in working out training programmes on African professional bodies

Designing standard, techniques and procedures of  the Society curriculum,

Initiating the preparation of draft memoranda, advising the companies on all shortcoming of their performance.

The office takes charge of the day-to-day running of the Society’s affairs; policies formulated by the Council are being implemented by the secretariat.

Administrative Structure

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