The work of the Certified Society of Commerce is particularly geared towards preparing business executives to face the ever increasing challenges presented by the modern industrial Society. The under listed are some of the aims and objectives of the body.

  • To maintain a professional Examination Board of qualified members of the Society and members of other professional bodies who are engaged in management and academics drawn from higher institutions/allied Societies.
  • To conduct research into contemporary management problems in the private and public sectors and to offer rationale solutions to this problems.
  • To provide opportunity for professional advancement to managers who aspire for knowledge in the field of business (management science) and to engage in promoting their organizations.
  • To organize, hold, participate in lectures, seminars, as well as performance in classical and exhibition, also to print, publish, buy, sale, support books or literature or any publication for circulation to members and corporate bodies.
  • To determine professional standards and experience necessary for the election of members, thereby conferring upon them a recognized status by virtue of membership etc
  • To carry out the above objectives, The Certified Society of Commerce has a Professional Assessment Examination Committee that is entirely responsible for both the policy and quality of the Certificates and Diplomas issued by it to successful members/candidates examined under the strictest examination environment.

Aims and Objectives

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