Find below current fees and membership fees for the Certified Society of Commerce. Please note that fees are subject to change. if you have any question for clarification regarding the fees or mode of payment, please contact us.

Current Fees

Student Registration: _______ 3,000 and above
Exemption Basic fee: _________ 2,500 and above
Exemption fee: ______________ 4,500 and above
Basic Examination fee: ________ 3,000 and above
Examination fee: _____________ 5,000 and above
Student Annual Subscription: ____ 1,500 and above

Membership Fee

Membership form: __________ 2,500 and above
Annual Subscription: _________ 3,000 and above
Admission fee: ______________
Society Souvenir: ____________ 2,500 and above


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