Find below the mission and vision of The Certified Society of Commerce.


Our vision is to ”establish a Global Professional Management Science centre of excellence in professional and academics, character and vocational development in order to produce sound and agile professional leaders and achievers who would be self-reliant, considerate and professional, generous,” etc.

The Directors’ vision and guiding principle that “he who works hardest prays most” shall be taught, applied and practiced religiously. Members shall be made to believe in the Directors’ golden rule that no matter one’s background, nothing is impossible, and with hard work, one can make it to the top. In form and structure, CSC shall be a citadel for the promotion of an authentic learning environment. It shall put intellectualism at the centre of its tradition.


The CSC shall be a result-oriented Body for producing highly skilled professional and socially relevant professional graduates capable of applying scientific knowledge for the resolution of professional problems.


Mission and Vision

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