Our Philosophy

The Certified Society of Commerce Directors strongly believes in the producing of professional graduate who appreciate the value of the dignity of labour and who are problem solvers, self-reliant, employers of labour, highly productive and globally relevant in every sphere of human endeavour.

The Society will inculcate and foster certain core values which include industry, service, integrity discipline and good character personnel. It will compare notes and share experiences. It will also be ready to twine and collaborate with relevant tertiary/professional institutions around the world. The collaboration which will be mutually beneficial will extend to Professional Research Centres, all Higher Institutions of Learning, International Professional Organizations and Corporate Bodies.

In Europe, The United States of America, Asia, e.t.c., collaboration will be sought in the areas of Programme Development, Staff Exchange and Members Training, Curriculum Studies, Professional Library Twining and Summer Programmes.

Code of Practice

  • Professional conduct
  • Protection of others
  • Acceptance of Responsibilities
  • Improvement
  • Confidential information
  • Factual information

Our Philosophy

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