Find below some of the privilege and benefits of becoming a member of the Certified Society of Commerce.

  • To receive membership certificate under the seal of the Society.
  • To use the appropriate Designatory letters, example: DFC, FCSC, FCM, MCSC, ACSC, and FHM, DLC, HGC
  • To receive the Society’s Bi-monthly journal of the Society
  • To receive Notification of functions organized by the society.
  • To attend periodic meetings outside the country.
  • 50% less fees for membership travelling for conference/meetings anywhere in India UK, USA etc.
  • Networking with interacting ideas with members in Management /Human Resource Research
  • Membership card, Society Badge and other Accessories
  • To give a high level of recognition to people for their personal achievements in commerce
  • Other benefits include obtaining information from other parts of the world, local and information business opportunities, employment opportunities, trade mission, participating in the Society’s programmes all round the world
  • Representing members’ interest in relevant government authorities, among so many others.

Privileges of Membership

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