The Council of the Society has given approval to the new Qualifying Examination (QE) in Nigeria which is designed to test educational standards for Business Administration/Management, Accountancy, Marketing, Transporting, Computer Science and other professionals who wish to aspire to Diploma (Advance), Associate and full membership of the society. Education and training of professional persons are interdependent and integrated processes, which are designed to promote the highest standard of professional competence and practice in persons serving the many divisions and branches of business studies.

The Society has assumed a certain basic level of competence for both the entry grades to the qualifying process. The student will be aged between 20 or 25 and 30 and will possess university entrance educational standards. The Associate will be a person of some maturity, experience and practice in business and will have obtained one or more specified vocational and or statutory certificates. Both these groups will have the opportunity of studying, by the various means available, for the Qualifying Examination leading to the higher grades of membership:

The structure is in four parts, as follows:

Part I and II lead to the grade of licentiate member and part iii and iv to Associate/full member.

The Qualifying Examination General:

Only registered students may sit the examination. Applications to sit are accepted only from those who have paid their current annual subscriptions.

Under the revised syllabus, candidates are required to take each of the four parts of the qualifying examination separately.

In order to pass a part of the examinations, a candidate must satisfy the examiners in all subjects of the part at one and the same sitting. Failure to satisfy the examiners in any subjects necessitates sitting the failed papers before moving to the next part.


A candidate who has marginally failed in a single paper may be referred in that paper.


A candidate is normally notified of his result about four weeks after the last day of the examination. The notifications states whether he has passed, failed or have been referred. A coding is given showing the grade awarded in the subjects taken.



  1. A. 75% and Over
  2. B. 65% and 74%
  3. C. 55% and 64%
  4. D. 50% and 54%

Candidates who have passed all four parts of the examination receive a pass Certificate/Diploma does not imply, and must not be used to imply, that the holder is a member of the Society.

Qualifying Examination

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