Examinations for students in Commercial subjects can be arranged at approved centres for our Students Commercial Examination. Certificates being awarded on the results of the Examinations. A silver and a Bronze Medal may be awarded annually to candidate obtaining the highest percentage marking irrespective of subject or stage. Advanced certificates obtained by means of the commercial examinations of the Society will be taken into consideration when in the possession of applicants for admission to Associate-ship.

A high standard of efficiency Is required in all subjects and stages, and special attention must be paid to neatness, punctuation and spelling and in no circumstances will the Examinations Board enter into correspondence regarding the results of examinations. The decision of the Examiners is FINAL

Registered Centres may admit external candidates for examinations if desired.

Requests for tests must be submitted on the Order Form provided and sent with the appropriate remittance from Home Centres to arrive not less than fourteen days prior to the date of the Examination, and for Overseas Centres not less than five weeks prior to the date of the examination. If Overseas Centres require transmission of tests and results etc. by airmail, the time for the receipt of orders for tests should be not less than sixteen days prior to the date of examination and the Centre must send in addition to the Fees an amount sufficient to cover Airmail charges which the society cannot undertake to bear. A deposit account to cover fees and charges will then be arranged, this will avoid delay.

Centres may charge a reasonable local fee to candidates in addition to the fees stated, in order to cover incidental expenses incurred at the examination for which the society cannot accept responsibility. The fee so charged must be notified to the Examinations Secretary for record purposes.

The subjects covered by the Students Commercial Examinations are ; Book-keeping; Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced; English Language for home candidates, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced; English Language for Overseas candidates, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced; Commercial Correspondence, Intermediate and Advanced; Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced; A detailed syllabus of these subjects is available on application.

Registration of Centres for Students Commercial Examination

Commercial Teachers and others with facilities for presenting candidates for examinations in computer study, A book keeping, English, Arithmetic, Commercial Correspondence etc., are invited to apply to the Examinations Secretary, for an Application Form for the Registration of a centre.

Increasing attention is being paid to the Certificates awarded by the Society in these examinations by employers at home and Overseas, results are quickly notified and the examinations may be arranged by approved centres at short notice for either large or small numbers of Candidates. Further detailed information will be supplied on request.

Students Commercial Examination

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