CSC LOGOThe organization, that is the Certified Society of Commerce is in the league of the oldest professional/Research organizations in the world which has turned many professional and academics pundits into global management scientists.

Success in this competitive world cannot be achieved without proper training. There is a  regular demand for knowledgeable and qualified persons all over the Globe and much more in the developing countries like Nigeria.  Keeping this in view, we offer you a good chance to gain knowledge through our Society and help you in making a career out of it. The special feature of our courses is to help you enrich with knowledge and crown you with success by avoiding undue labour and time and also going through up and doing handout.

Established as an international recognized authoritative body to promote the aims of the business sector and to provide practical business solutions to those already involved in the business or contemplating a business career and intending to study in order to enhance career prospects.

This facility is offered on a worldwide basis regardless of background, education and location.

The Certified Society of Commerce is an amalgamation of various Educational Establishments and Established Management Consultancies who have all been actively involved in the practice of Business Education Consulting in an international environment.

The CSC is therefore able to offer Professional Business Advice-Support and practical but structured face to face study in all areas of Businesses.

It is the Society of Commerce’s firm intention to improve the performance of Businesses at every level in terms of Management Skills, Education, Financial Management, Technical, Sales and Marketing, Personnel and Public Relations Management and International Trade.

The Organization

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